Bring efficiency to the workplace, through enhanced communication and collaboration 

By replacing projectors, traditional white boards and other high-cost information delivery technologies with engaging, multimedia-compatible e-Boards, facilitators and participants can communicate in a seamless and interactivity way. Signage e-Board offer a faster on-screen writing and editing experience while still maintaining the natural feel of an analog whiteboard. Compared with projectors and other traditional display technology, which requires expensive maintenance,  e-Board allows users to expand their digital content display capabilities while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). As an all-in-one solution also eliminates the need to purchase a separate dedicated PC to capitalize on the display’s touch and content management technologies. Equipped with powerful collaboration tools, the display offers advanced touchscreen interactivity by enabling multiple users to share and update content simultaneously. Along with the integration of mobile device compatibility and multi-screen display functionality, the combination of these embedded capabilities make the e-Board a complete solution for promoting productive and collaborative interactions. 


Why should you choose for an interactive display?


The touch displays work like a giant tablet! They include an Android PC, linked to the touch functionalities. You can manage your display settings by simply touching the screen, so you no longer need to use a remote control or push a button. The display is a stand-alone solution, so you can open images, watch videos or even browse the web, without the need of an additonal computer.