Procab BXD602/12 - USB A male - USB A female - active repeater cable 12 meter

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  • Connector
    • USB-A

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Connector: USB-A

Merk Naam: Procab
Interne referentie: BXD602/12
Beschrijving: The BXD602 is an active USB extender cable, allowing extension of the distance between a computer and USB device(s) to 12 meters. The cable is constructed using high quality raw materials with high purity oxigen free copper and flexible PVC. One side is terminated using a male USB type A connector, while the other end is fitted with an active extender housed small plastic enclosure with a female USB type A connector. Both ends feature an unique lockable mechanic design which securely links the male and female ends. It comes in a fixed length of 12 meters and a maximum of 5 extender cables can be chained together, resulting in a maximum distance up to 60 meters. Multi-platform support (Windows & Mac) and bus powered construction guarantees true plug & play operation.