Audac Shotgun condensatormicrofoon - CMX230

° Type: Electret-condensor aan de achterkant
° Polair patroon: Supercardioïde
° Impedantie: 250 Ω
° Dynamisch bereik: 113 dB
° Gevoeligheid: 43 dB +- 3 dB

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Connector: XLR
Microfoon Type: Back electret Condenser

Merk Naam: Audac
Interne referentie: CMX230
Beschrijving: The CMX230 is a professional shotgun microphone existing of a back-electret condenser capsule which is fitted on a flexing gooseneck with an XLR base. The compact size, high directivity and pointability makes them suitable for a range of applications such as conference, public address, announcements, … The wide frequency response and low noise level guarantee an excellent sound quality, while the directive characteristics discriminates unwanted noise.