Audac oproepmicrofoon 4 zones voor MTX88 - MPX88

° Capacitieve aanraakknoppen
° Geïntegreerde bel
° Op prioriteit gebaseerde paging
° Selectie- en statusindicatie-LED's

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€ 487,27

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  • Dante
  • Connector
  • POE
  • Merk

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Dante: Nee
Connector: RJ45
POE: Yes
Merk: Audac

Merk Naam: Audac
Interne referentie: MPX88
Beschrijving: The MPX series are paging microphones specifically designed for use in combination with MTX series audio matrix systems. The MPX48 is the 4-zone system allowing it being used in combination with an MTX48 4-zone audio matrix system.

The modern shaped enclosure is finished with a real glass front panel provided with an anti-glare coating. This offers a microphone with elegant outlook which will be appreciated in any office or even design interior environment. The controls are integrated in the glass panel through capacitive touch button principle without any mechanically moving parts, same as the indicator LED’s which are completely blended.

This guarantees a real high-end outlook and user experience. An integrated chime tone is audible before each announcement. Announcements are made through the integrated pipe-neck microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern, which can be tilted to the desired angle. Both zone selection and data bus indicators are implemented, giving an overview of the systems current operation mode and data bus occupation.

Quick operation is made possible using the ‘select’ & ‘clear all’ buttons, while the ‘push-to-talk’ (PTT) button must be pressed during announcements. Connection to the matrix system is done through a fixed connection cable with a length of 2 meter. This distance can be extended to a maximum length of 300m using standard CAT5E (or better) twisted pair cabling. Cascading multiple paging stations is possible using the priority-based (user-configurable) databus, when using the additional junction box ARJ03P.