ARES5A wall panel - Microphone & line input - 80 x 80 mm (White)* WP205/W

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    Merk Naam: Audac
    Interne referentie: WP205/W
    Beschrijving: he WP205 is a remote wall mixer that is meant to be used in combination with the ARES5A active speaker system. It converts the signal coming from a stereo line-level audio source (such as a tuner, mobile devices, ... ) or balanced microphone to the level corresponding to the differential signal input on the ARES5A (RJ45) making it possible to transfer high-quality audio over long distances between the wall panel and the loudspeaker, by just using inexpensive twisted-pair CAT5e or better cabling. On the front side of the wall panel, there is a 3.5 mm jack stereo line input connection available together with a balanced XLR microphone input, both provided with their own knob which allows the signals to be mixed together.

    ° Compatible with EU (80x80 mm) installation materials
    ° Signal transmission over twisted pair (CAT5E) or better cabling
    ° Signal transmission insensitive for interference and noise