Audac Hangende condensatormicrofoon - CMX382/W

° Type: Electret-condensor aan de achterkant
° polair patroon: cardioïde
° Impedantie: Ω
° Maximaal SPL: 130 dB
° Gevoeligheid: 42 dB +- 3 dB

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Connector: Mini-XLR
Microfoon Type: Back electret Condenser

Merk Naam: Audac
Interne referentie: CMX382/W
Beschrijving: The CMX382 is a hanging condenser microphone with a slim and miniature design. It is designed for offering versatile solutions for sound reinforcement or recording systems in a wide variation of applications.

Typical applications range from speech in meeting or conference rooms to music in houses of worship, orchestra’s, choirs and many others. The tailored frequency response guarantees a rich, clear and sensitive sound reproduction while the cardioid directivity characteristic eliminates feedback and unwanted noise.

The included spiral hanging bracket makes overhead suspension possible above conference tables, choirs, orchestra’s, ... while the flexing gooseneck structure allows highly accurate positioning. The microphone comes delivered with a fixed connection cable with a total length of 3 meters which is fitted with a 4-pin Mini-XLR connector.

An included phantom power adapter with standard 3-pin XLR connector converts the supplied phantom voltage and allows connection to standard pre-amplifiers or mixers. The included windscreen reduces unwanted and popping sounds.

In comparison with the already known CMX380 microphone, the CMX382 contains an improved spiral hanging bracket and a flexing gooseneck structure which makes highly accurate positioning possible. The included phantom power adapter with low-noise characteristics guarantees improved overall signal/noise performance