Audac LUNA-F Flexible network audio matrix processor

° Line Inputs/Outputs: 8/8
° Flex Inputs/Outputs: 8
° GPIO poorten: 24 Flex
° Dante Audio kanalen: 16x16, Uitbreid baar tot 64x64
° Acoustic Echo cancellation: Optioneel, maximum 4 kanalen
° Controle interface poorten: Ethernet, RS485, RS232

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€ 4.477,00

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  • Kleur
  • Voorversterker
  • Dante
  • Audio matrix processor
  • RS232

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Kleur: Grijs
Voorversterker: Ja
Dante: Ja
Audio matrix processor: Ja
RS232: Ja

Merk Naam: Audac
Interne referentie: LUNA-F
Beschrijving: This Audio matrix processor by Audac brings scaleable flexibility to the professional audio sphere. This device allows for up to 16 stereo or up to 32 mono flexible zones.
This device can be programmed in a number of ways, including with event handlers or GPIO. This allows users to create a solution that perfectly meets their needs. The device's flexible inputs and outputs allow for the connection of up to 16 inputs or outputs, ensuring the optimal configuration of your installation.

This device is fully compatible with all Dante devices. Using the audio bridge function, it can translate between RS232 input and Dante output, or vice versa. The input can be incorporated into the matrix using Audac Touch to map zones.